The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Motorcycles – Roland Brown

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Motorcycles – Roland Brown

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This is a history of the motorcycle from 1885 to the present day including special features on sport and racing touring custom models record breaking through the years and motorcycles at war in the movies and at work. It features an A-Z marque-by-marque guide with dynamic illustrations of every motorcycle augmented by authoritative and comprehensive text. It includes all the best-known bikes around the world from BMW and Ducati to Harley-Davidson and Suzuki. It is a celebration of the motorcycle as a symbol of freedom resistance independence and the counterculture. It is a unique collection of over 600 photographs makes this an essential volume for all motorcycle enthusiasts. This book covers the whole world of the motorcycle from myth-and-legend to nuts-and-bolts in a single volume. It charts the evolution of the motorcycle from its first development by Daimler in 1885 to the superbikes of the 21st century. An A-Z section is a definitive marque-by-marque encyclopedia of models and manufacturers both existing and defunct. Every major marque is illustrated with photographs showing the beauty and originality of each machine. The book details the technical specifications of the machines describes the key elements of their design performance features and engineering standards and their qualities and attributes.