The Complete Book of Dinosaurs – Dougal Dixon

The Complete Book of Dinosaurs – Dougal Dixon

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This is the ultimate reference to 355 dinosaurs from the Triassic Jurassic and Cretaceous periods including more than 900 illustrations maps timelines and photographs. It features all the key groups: sauropods theropods ornithopods ankylosaurs stegosaurs carnosaurs polacanthids diplodocids iguanodonts boneheads and many more. It includes non-dinosaurs such as placodonts mosasaurs ichthyosaurs nothasaurs plesiosaurs and ptersoaurs. Expert identification text provides a description of each creature and technically accurate artworks show how each looked according to the latest scientific understanding. It features an overview of the evolution of the earth’s geology the development of life and the arrival of the dinosaurs the process of fossilization and development of dinosaur discovery and excavation techniques. Here is the ultimate identification guide for dinosaur enthusiasts featuring more than 355 creatures written by an acknowledged expert. A comprehensive introduction explains the Age of Dinosaurs and their classification and development. Fascinating anatomical drawings demonstrate their skeletal make up and the habitats in which they lived are depicted. The main section of the book is an encyclopedia of dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures arranged according to type. Each entry contains a description of the creature’s key identifying features evolutionary adaptations and details of the fossil evidence.