Origami for Busy People: 27 Original on-the-Go Projects – Marcia Joy Miller

Origami for Busy People: 27 Original on-the-Go Projects – Marcia Joy Miller

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Make quick and easy origami projects with this origami book with folding paper. Origami for Busy People is the first origami book for people who love to fold paper for fun and relaxation but have trouble finding the time in their busy day for it. Origami projects can easily be completed during a hectic schedule a 5-minute coffee-break lunchtime or a few minutes after work or on the commute is all you’ll need. Author Marcia Joy Miller provides plenty of creative and interesting origami folding projects to suit these various downtimes. The bright high-quality folding paper in the book makes it like an origami kit You won’t have to buy new folding paper anytime soon! These fun folds are a great way to learn origami and can be used to decorate your cubicle to create something to give to friends and family at the end of the day to show to colleagues at the water cooler or just to use as conversational ice-breakers or as a form of mental relaxation. They are a great way to take an origami break to relax and recharge your batteries before jumping into your next challenging project at work. The ease of the folds makes it a great origami-for-kids book but the projects are interesting enough for adult beginner origami enthusiasts. This easy origami book contains: 96 page full-color booklet Introduction and guide to paper folding techniques Step-by-step instructions and diagrams 27 fun-to-do projects 48 two-sided perforated folding sheets Dozens of different colors and patterns Origami for Busy People starts with a short discussion of everything you need to get started: supplies and a few basic techniques that are reinforced through simple exercises. The book then shows you how to make 14 delightful items during short free periods such as coffee breaks. Next the book teaches 12 interesting projects to make during your lunch break. And finally shows you how to make four slightly longer creations that call for a little more time at the end of the day. Origami projects include Jack-O’Lantern Seahorse Noisemaker Topsy-TurvyAnd many more