Leonardo Da Vinci: Complete Paintings and Drawings – [Fara autor]

Leonardo Da Vinci: Complete Paintings and Drawings – [Fara autor]

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Da Vinci in detail: Leonardo’s life and work all pictures all drawings! One of the most fully achieved human beings who has ever lived Leonardo da Vinci(1452 1519) is recognized the world over as a figure ofinfinite curiosity feverish imagination and sublime artistic ability.Thisupdated editionof our XL title provides themost comprehensive survey of the life and work of this master painter sculptor architect scientist and inventor. Itscatalogue raisonneof Leonardo s paintings covers both his surviving and his lost painted works. With full-bleed details of many paintings the reader is able to inspect the subtlest facets of brushworks that came to revolutionize Art History.A further catalog ofLeonardo’s drawingsarranges nearly 700 of his drawings by category (architecture technical proportion cartography etc) and showcases his fabulous observational finesse fromanatomical studies to architectural plans from complex engineering designs to pudgy infant portraits. It includes a fresh chapter exploring theartist’s mesmerizing manuscripts.The accompanying account of Leonardo’s life and work includes a special in-depth exploration of his masterworksThe AnnunciationandThe Last Supper.