An Afterclap of Fate: Mallory on Everest – Charles Lind

An Afterclap of Fate: Mallory on Everest – Charles Lind

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This work presents the mountaineering literature. The perennial mystery of Mallory and Irvine on Everest receives an intriguing twist in a reconstruction of their fateful climb written virtually in Mallory’s own words. Drawn from the climber’s letters writing and Mallory’s background as a classicist this is a near forensic examination of the evidence and points to one firm conclusion. The book is a prose poem full of parody and allusion but enjoyable at any level in which the author offers his case for Mallory Irvine having got to the top. There is a second half to the book almost as interesting and of the same length as the first in which the evidence for the first ascent is presented informatively and very persuasively. The book is bound to create a stir – its prose poem format the strong parody element and the firm conclusion about Mallory Irvine’s success will all be controversial. The most detailed and convincingly presented account so far of what happened on Mallory’s last climb on Everest. It is quite unlike any other work of literature. And yes it does have a surprise ending. It is shortlisted for the 2006 Boardman Tasker Award for mountaineering literature.