20th Century Fashion: 100 Years of Apparel Ads – Alison A. Nieder

20th Century Fashion: 100 Years of Apparel Ads – Alison A. Nieder

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Passion for fashion. Between the first decade of the 20th century when women were still locked into figure-shaping corsets to the last years of the millennium when sexy sweats and low-rise jeans became must-have status items fashion evolved from a luxury enjoyed by the highest echelon of society to a global business that whisks trends off the runway and into the stores before the last supermodel has left the catwalk. From full skirts to miniskirts and morning coats to leisure suits men’s and women’s clothing design evolved so rapidly that it was all one could do to keep up and stay in style. Each decade is now associated with definable fashions short-lived fads and signature silhouettes. And in recent decades retro has become de rigueur as designers continually recycle the past for modern-day inspiration. Featuring over 500 ads from the Jim Heimann Collection these fashion advertisements from 1900 to 1999 give readers a stylish retrospective on the century that defined redefined and reinterpreted fashion as we now know it. Arranged by decade and bursting with illustrations the book’s introduction chapter text and year-by-year timelines explore major trends in fashion – from a speciality business to the mass market. Highlighted throughout the book are the historical events key magazines the influence of movies and pop culture and important trends brands and retailers. Whether you’re a clothes horse or a fashion amateur this visual history will provide a comprehensive guide to the evolution of 20th-century style.