100 Contemporary Concrete Buildings – Philip Jodidio

100 Contemporary Concrete Buildings – Philip Jodidio

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The charm of concrete architecture today. Who has not heard of concrete? It is that ugly stuff they make highway bridges and crumbling walls out of right? Well yes and no. Concrete is actually a name applied to a remarkably wide range of substances used in construction and when it is properly handled it is actually one of the noble materials of contemporary architecture. A kind of liquid stone at the outset it is malleable durable and in the right hands capable of prodigious feats of engineering. This two-volume book highlights the best work done in recent years with concrete. Included are stars like Zaha Hadid. Herzog de Meuron and Steven Holl but also surprising new architects like the Russians SPEECH rising stars of the international scene like Rudy Ricciotti from France and even artists such as James Turrell who turned the famous concrete spiral of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim in New York into the setting of one of his most remarkable pieces.