Your Pregnancy Week by Week – Lesley Regan

Your Pregnancy Week by Week – Lesley Regan

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From the moment after conception to feeding your newborn baby Your Pregnancy Week by Week covers everything you need to know about the miracle of pregnancy. Professor Lesley Regan world-renowned obstetrician draws on her professional expertise and personal experience to explain exactly what is happening week-by-week to you and your baby during pregnancy. Demystifies complex medical jargon enabling you to make educated choices about your pregnancy guiding you through your own physical and emotional changes and antenatal care. Find explanations advice and reassurance to ensure you have the best possible understanding of this extraordinary and wonderful time. Stunning state-of-the-art imagery and specialist up-to-the-minute research and information describes your baby’s remarkable development week-by-week in the womb. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for a new mum-to-be or searching for a comprehensive book for your own needs Your Pregnancy Week by Week is for you.