Velazquez. Complete Works – Jose Lopez-Rey

Velazquez. Complete Works – Jose Lopez-Rey

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The painter’s painter: Light color and penetrating portraits from Spain’s Golden Age luminary Manet called him the greatest painter of all. Picasso was so inspired by his masterpiece Las Meninas that he painted 44 variations of it. Francis Bacon painted a study of his portrait of Pope Innocent X. Monet and Renoir Corot and Courbet Degas and Dalfor so many champions of art history the ultimate soundboard wasand remainsDiego Rodrguez de Silva y Velzquez (1599-1660). This updated catalog raisonn brings together Velzquezs complete works jaw-droppingly reproduced in extra-large format with a selection of enlarged details and brand new photography of recently restored paintings achieved through the joint initiative of TASCHEN and Wildenstein. The book’s dazzling images are accompanied by insightful commentary from Jos Lpez-Rey on Velzquez’s interest in human life and his equal attention to all subjects from an old woman frying eggs to a pope or king as well as his commitment to color and light which would influence the Impressionists over two centuries later. Jos Lpez-Rey (19051991) taught Italian Renaissance at the University of Madrid and worked as an art advisor for the Spanish Ministry of Education. Before the end of the Spanish Civil War he emigrated to the USA where he resumed his teaching career at the Institute of Fine Arts New York. In 1973 he was awarded emeritus status. Lpez-Rey was a corresponding member of the Hispanic Society of America and a consultant and contributor to several international art journals including the Gazette des Beaux Arts and Art News. Odile Delenda graduate of the cole du Louvre served as professor at the cole du Louvre and then as charge de mission at the Dpartement des peintures du muse du Louvre until 2007. She has collaborated on several exhibitions of old master painting. A research fellow at the Wildenstein Institute in Paris since 1990 she has continued her study of Spanish art of the Siglo de Oro. She is among other things the author of Vlazquez peintre religieux (1993) and under the auspices of the Wildenstein Institute of the first critical catalogue raisonn of the painted oeuvre of Francisco de Zurburn and his studio (2009/10).