The Complete Mapp & Lucia: Volume One – E.F. Benson

The Complete Mapp & Lucia: Volume One – E.F. Benson

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Lucia is one of the great comic characters in English literature. Outrageously pretentious hypocritical and snobbish Queen Lucia as by right divine rules over the toy kingdom of Riseholme based on the Cotswold village of Broadway. Her long-suffering husband Pepino is her prince-consort the outrageously camp Georgie is her gentleman-in-waiting the village green is her parliament and her subjects such as Daisy Quantock are hapless would-be Bolsheviks. In Lucia in London the prudish manically ambitious Lucia launches herself into the louche world of London society. Her earnest determination to learn all about modern movements makes her the perfect comic vehicle for Bensons free-wheeling satire of salon society and of the dominant fads and movements of the 1920s including vegetarianism yoga palmistry Freudianism sances Post-Impressionist art and Christian Science. Meanwhile in Tilling clearly modelled on Bensons home town of Rye Miss Mapp consumed by chronic rage and curiosity sits at her window armed with her light-opera glasses keeping baleful watch on her neighbours. Anger and the gravest suspicions about everybody had kept her young and on the boil: and Benson transmutes her boiling into a series of small humiliations in his witty malicious comedy. In his insightful Introduction Keith Carabine shows that these books are excruciatingly funny because Benson like Jane Austen invites the reader to view the world through the self-deluded fabrications and day-dreams of Lucia and the self-deluded chronic anger and jaundiced suspicions of Elisabeth. Carabine also concentrates on the novels disturbing bitchy camp humour whenever that horrid thing which Freud calls sex is raised.