Sticker Playbook – Cinderella – [Fara autor]

Sticker Playbook – Cinderella – [Fara autor]

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STICKER PLAYBOOK – CINDERELLA is a double-sided play mat for kids aged 3+ featuring a beautifully illustrated story learning activities and 5 reusable vinyl stickers. Well-known rhyme to capture your child’s attention when completing the learning activities. Wonderful bright illustrations by Natalia Moore full of details for kids to find. 5 reusable stickers for children to complete the activities or just for fun! Perfect for folding out on the floor young children will enjoy playing and learning with Sticker Playbook Cinderella one of our most popular sticker activity books for toddlers. The story of Cinderella is retold across both sides alongside charming illustrations of Cinderella the wicked stepsisters and the Fairy Godmother. Kids can interact with the story using the bright stickers which include the prince a magic wand and beautiful accessories to decorate Cinderella’s special gown. The sticker activities cover words colors shapes and numbers offering a wide range of learning for preschool children. Both long concertina pages feature colorful and charismatic illustrations by Natalia Moore to bring the story to life for kids. Story extract from Sticker Playbook Cinderella: When the stepsisters had gone a fairy appeared as if from nowhere. ‘I am your fairy godmother ‘ she told Cinderella. ‘Fetch me these things and you shall go to the ball. But be home before midnight that’s when the magic wears off.’ Fun word color shape and number activities for kids: What color is Cinderella’s apron? Stick the correct color in the circle. How many of these things can you see? Find the number of pumpkins mice and lizards. What pattern is on the fairy godmother’s dress? Place the correct sticker in the space.