Rise and Fall of the German Air Force – [Fara autor]

Rise and Fall of the German Air Force – [Fara autor]

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Born of the spirit of German airmen in the First World War inspired by faith in our Fuehrer and Commander-in-Chief thus stands the German Air Force today ready to carry out every command of the Fuehrer with lightning speed and undreamed-of might Herman Goering 1939Written by British Intelligence officers in 1948 Rise and Fall offers a unique insider s view of Germany s extraordinary military machine. Drawing upon records and documents captured from the Luftwaffe archives and elsewhere it describes the Air Force s principal campaigns achievements and operational problems as well as the political tensions that ultimately became its undoing. It also explores the powerful personalities behind the service especially the relationship between Hitler and Goering and the impact on the Luftwaffe of the German Supreme Command. Seventy-five years after the Nazi party took power in Germany this fascinating contemporary account shows how and why a military phenomenon was brought to defeat.