Rangoli Stress-Relieving Art Therapy Adult Colouring Book – Andrew Davis

Rangoli Stress-Relieving Art Therapy Adult Colouring Book – Andrew Davis

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Traditionally believed to bring good luck prosperity and to act as a celebratory decoration Rangoli is a form of Hindu folk art that originated in India. Designs and patterns are outlined on the floor in chalk or coloured powder and then embellished with a variety of naturally coloured rice sand flour and flower petals. Rangoli designs are usually geometric and curvilinear containing animal and floral motifs with strong links to nature. They reflect Indian traditions and folklore but also act as a form of creative expression. For some they are a form of self-portraiture. For others they are a welcoming space for the Hindu deities and a means through which important teachings can be passed from generation to generation. With the movement of people across India and the world in the past century modern Rangoli is often a mixture of all of the different styles that emerged from the individual Indian states and regions. Rangoli’s meaning has survived this transition though. It is still created for auspicious occasions festivals and ceremonies particularly Diwali and is a reflection of the spiritual energies that are a part of these events. Many of the motifs and patterns are passed down from the previous generations and so Rangoli has also come to be a representation of India’s huge cultural heritage. Colouring-in is a stress-relieving activity meant to remind us adults of our inner child and to soothe our over-worked brains. Colouring-in Rangoli however is a particularly unique experience. Apart from the obvious appeal of such beautiful designs and patterning Rangoli is known for its rich use of vivid and eye-catching colours. This book will be your opportunity to bring the artwork to life with an infusion of your own colours and your own creativity. Rangoli is also meditative in process – a therapeutic art form – and is meant to bring a little quiet to our minds. We hope that by colouring-in these designs you can take some of that Rangoli peace on with you and that you can find a few moments of inner quiet for yourselves.