Parade’s End – F.M. Ford

Parade’s End – F.M. Ford

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Parade s End is the great British war novel and Ford Madox Ford s major achievement as a novelist. Originally published as four linked novels between 1924 and 1928 it follows the story of Christopher Tietjens as his life is shattered by his wife s infidelities and overturned by the mud blood and destruction of the First World War. Tietjens with his old-fashioned Tory values is already out of step with the corrupt political culture of Edwardian England: his experiences at the Front and his developing relationship with the suffragette Valentine Wannop force him into a radical reconfiguring of his values as he participates in the post-war period of national re-construction. Parade s End is both a subtly perceptive psychological novel and a richly descriptive chronicle of the public events of a decade . Through Tietjens his beautiful (and unforgettably cruel) wife Sylvia and the principled Valentine Ford draws us into the world of the English upper class as it goes through a period of crisis and transformation.