Matisse – Volkmar Essers

Matisse – Volkmar Essers

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The work of Henri Matisse (18691954) reflects an ongoing belief in the power of brilliant colors and simple forms. Though famed in particular for his paintings Matisse also worked with drawing sculpture lithography stained glass and collage developing his unique cut-out medium when old age left him unable to stand and paint.Matisses subjects were often conventional: nudes portraits and figures in landscapes Oriental scenes and interior views but in his handling of bold color and fluid draftsmanship he secured his place as a 20th-century master. It was Matisses palette that particularly thrilled the modern imagination. With vivid blue amethyst purple egg-yolk yellow and many shades beyond he liberated his work from a meticulous representation of reality and sought instead a vital harmony often referring to music as an inspiration or analogy for his work. From vast patterned panels to simple and tender portraits this book introduces the full reach and creativity of Matisses career spanning his early work within the Fauvism movement right through to his latter-year projects such as Jazz and the Chapelle du Rosaire in Vence