Japan: 70 Designs to Help You De-Stress – [Fara autor]

Japan: 70 Designs to Help You De-Stress – [Fara autor]

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How can you shake off those niggling everyday worries? Immerse yourself in these detailed designs inspired by Japan. You will become totally absorbed in the wonderful images drawn from nature and from legend (cherry trees clouds waves dragons tigers carp and much more). Many are redolent of the age of the Samurai. Choose an illustration at random then make a start using whichever colours you like and choosing from felt-tips pencils gouaches or pastels. Gradually you’ll find calm returning as your thoughts focus purely on the action of colouring in. The sheets in this pad are all detachable so you can display your favourite creations. Just 5-10 minutes a day of colouring in is enough to encourage mindfulness.