How To Play Guitar MADE EASY – Jake Jackson

How To Play Guitar MADE EASY – Jake Jackson

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Play Guitar Made Easy contains everything the new or intermediate guitar player needs to know to really get to grips with making music on this most popular of instruments. Highly practical it leads you from the basics of how to strum pick and play simple chords through the various elements of playing rhythm and melodies to more complicated chords and tunings. It includes further techniques from slurs to harmonics and a section on performing. The clear text is accompanied by illustrative photos and diagrams and the guide is complemented by a useful chord finder examples of scales and modes a glossary and further reading. Supported online by our See it Hear it chord site. Now you can see the chord then reach for your phone and hear the chord. Using any free QR code reader app (Android iPhone Blackberry Windows) a web site opens automatically and you can listen to the chord as a strum an arpeggio (each note played separately) and hear it as a piano chord and arpeggio.