How to Draw Dinosaurs – [Fara autor]

How to Draw Dinosaurs – [Fara autor]

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HOW TO DRAW DINOSAURS helps kids aged 7+ learn how to draw different dinosaurs including a velociraptor stegosaurus and T Rex with step-by-step drawing instructions and illustrations by artist Steve Roberts. Packed with step-by-step guides each with 4 5 clear stages. Special panels provide inspiration and drawing tips. Children are shown basic techniques to master. How to Draw Dinosaurs is full of fantastic guidance on different drawing techniques such as perspective for kids to learn to draw like an expert! From professional techniques such as texture and shading to drawing different poses How to Draw Dinosaurs will encourage kids to use their imaginations and creativity. Inside How to Draw Dinosaurs: 15 dinosaurs for kids to practice drawing Clear easy step-by-step drawing instructions for kids to follow Important drawing techniques covered such as materials to use action perspective and expert tips on how to sketch Dinosaur picture gallery for extra inspiration and advice Animals included are: Brachiosaurus Allosaurus Herrerasaurus Ornithomimus Dilophosaurus Deinonychus Polacanthus Triceratops Ankylosaurus Velociraptor Spinosaurus Parasaurolophus Compsognathus Stegosaurus Tyrannosaurus