Futurescaping: Using Business Insight to Plan Your Life – Tamar Kasriel

Futurescaping: Using Business Insight to Plan Your Life – Tamar Kasriel

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Futurescaping is an engaging guide to making better life decisions by adapting the best elements of business planning for personal success. So many people manage brilliantly at work making smart and accountable decisions yet let their personal lives slide into gentle chaos. Futurescaping reveals the truths of corporate future planning outlining the importance and benefit of accountability and a clear bottom line. It focuses on the enigmatic technique of scenario planning which enables organisations to plan decades in advance and shows how individuals can use the same technique to plan for their own futures. Building on interviews with business leaders life coaches and behavioural economists this engaging clear-sighted book will allow you to build a model of your future to help you make smarter choices in your career family life health and personal finances. Presented with a dry wit not only will Futurescaping help you to organise your life it will help you free yourself from entrenched thinking patterns by getting you to think in a whole new way. If you’ve never believed planning could be liberating prepare to be wrong. Tamar Kasriel is a leading futurist who helps organisations across the world understand what is important about the future for them from luxury businesses to beverage brands to religious orders thousands of years old. She worked at The Guardian newspaper’s Medialab (now Guardian Online) at a time when sensible people could still have described the internet as a series of tubes and has spent the last fifteen years on the consultancy side first for WPP and now running her own business Futureal.