Expecting Twins? – Mark Kilby

Expecting Twins? – Mark Kilby

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Every minute of every day a baby is born in Britain but no birth story is ever the same. One Born Every Minute is the hugely popular BAFTA award-winning Channel 4 series which chronicles these stories charting the extraordinary highs and lows of day-to-day life in a maternity hospital. The next in a new series of One Born Every Minute books Expecting Twins provides all the expert information expectant parents need. One Born Every Minute: Expecting Twins? is written by Professor Mark Kilby consultant in fetal medicine and Jane Denton director of the Multiple Births Foundation. It is unique in being the only comprehensive reassuring and accessible illustrated guide to twin pregnancy birth and first year of their lives on the market. The book describes the fascinating ways that identical and nonidentical twins are conceived how your pregnancy might develop and how to deal with the particular symptoms and other problems associated with a twin pregnancy. There is up-to-date information on current antenatal tests and how they are performed when two babies are being carried. The book fully illustrates how your babies may present in the womb and how this can affect your options of delivery as well as the birth itself. Many expectant mothers worry about how they will feed two babies the book provides all the information to enable a mother to understand her options fully. The authors also advise on whether the babies should sleep together or apart how to manage getting out and about and how to look after yourself in this busy time. Case studies from real parents and medical advice from twin consultants make this a practical emotional and professional guide to support you in this joyous yet overwhelming time.