Discover the mega world – [Fara autor]

Discover the mega world – [Fara autor]

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Discover the Mega World part of our popular Discovery Channel series is a fantastic non fiction book for kids and adults alike. Crammed with unbelievable facts and stunning photos adults teenagers and kids aged 9+ will be enthralled from start to finish. * Dramatic photos on every page to draw in your child and encourage them to find out more by reading. * Gives key subject areas – Earth nature science technology history and people – an exciting unique twist to engage young readers from the start. * Showcases only the most incredible facts to wow and amaze your child. Hundreds of dramatic photographs and more than 3 amazing facts showcase our colossal planet and everything on it. Discover the Mega World looks at core reference subjects from a gigantic perspective. From prehistoric giants and super-sized space to mighty structures and mega cities the action-packed text and innovative design concepts provide a thrilling reading experience. Six super chapters inside Discover the Mega World: * Vast Oceans: Journey through Earth’s biggest and most mysterious habitat. * Prehistoric Giants: Meet the mega monsters that have ruled our planet throughout history. * Extreme Universe: From colliding galaxies to fiery star birth this tour of the Universe is guaranteed to make you feel tiny. * Super Structures: Discover the technology behind immense feats of engineering. * Mega Cities: Take at trip through the crowded streets and find out how megacities are keeping pace. * Building History: Explore a world of colossal constructions spectacular structures and mighty monuments. Kids will love to discover the world with fascinating facts such as: * The blue whale’s heart is the size of a small car and its body is more than twice the length of a T rex. * Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System – 2.5 times the mass of all the other planets added together. * By night Tokyo is the brightest city on the planet as seen from space. Tokyo also has the biggest population of 34.8 million people.