A Child is Born – Lennart Nilsson

A Child is Born – Lennart Nilsson

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In 1965 Lennart Nilsson published images from inside the human uterus the first photographs of prenatal life. The book that was to follow A Child is Born stunned the world – offering an unprecedented glimpse at the unseen world within our bodies and our own beginnings. Using high-definition ultrasound technique scanning electron and light microscopes and advanced fibre optics Lennart Nilsson documents the miracle of human reproduction: the egg travelling down the fallopian tube the sperm racing to meet it the moment of fertilization the very first cell division the tiny embryo attaching to the uterine wall the growth of eyes ears fingers and toes and finally the moment of delivery itself – providing an astonishing glimpse of the first moments of life. In this the fully revised fifth edition A Child is Born is redefined for a new age. With a completely new accompanying text the images are rendered in astonishing detail utilising revolutionary new photographic technology with the photographs themselves the dominant driving force of the narrative.