501 Must-Visit Destinations (501 Series) – [Fara autor]

501 Must-Visit Destinations (501 Series) – [Fara autor]

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Are you drawn to unknown places and exotic cultures? Then here’s a getaway you can enjoy without even packing your bag: 51 Must-Visit Destinations showcases some of the most amazing places landscapes and cultures in the world. From the remote rarely seen corners of China to the oft-visited canals of Venice this book takes you there! Divided geographically you’ll explore Africa the Americas and the Caribbean Asia Australia and Oceania Europe and the Middle East. Fabulous destinations include some of the world’s natural wonders (such as Victoria Falls the Painted Desert the Florida Everglades and the Great Barrier Reef) as well as some of man’s greatest achievements (the Colosseum in Rome the Temple of Angkor Wat the Valley of the Kings at Luxor and the Imperial Palaces in Beijing). Each featured destination includes breathtaking photography descriptive text and discusses what makes it worthy of the must-see” list.